Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prohibited Supplements

The United States Air Force does not have a formal list of banned supplements, substances or products. So how do you know what products, or supplements are safe to use?

Basic Guidelines to Determine the Safe Use of Supplements and Substances
  • Products that contain hemp seed or hemp seed oils are prohibited (AFI 44-121, section 3.5.5.).
  • Products that contain DEA Schedule I Controlled Substances are prohibited (AFI 44-120, Attachment 1).
  • The wrongful use of anabolic steroids is prohibited (AFI 44-120, Section 2.9.).
  • The wrongful use of a drug prescription is prohibited (AFI 44-120, Attachment 1).
  • The use of another person's drug prescription is prohibited (AFI 44-120, Attachment 1).
  • Any controlled substances (DEA Schedule I, II, III, IV, V), other than alcohol, that is inhaled, injected, consumed, or introduced into the body in a manner to alter mood or function is prohibited (AFI 44-120, Attachment 1).
  • TAKE ANY SUPPLEMENTS AT YOUR OWN RISK.  The FDA does not approve supplements therefore the supplements may contain additional substances not listed in the ingredients.
  • Read the labels on supplements and vitamins.  If you do not know the ingredient, then look it up at U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before using the supplement or vitamin.
  • The local Health and Wellness Center can assist you in determining what fitness enhancing products and vitamins that are safe to use.

Wrongful Use means without legal justification or excuse, and includes use contrary to the directions of the manufacturer or prescribing health care provider, and the use of any intoxicating substances not intended for human ingestion (AFI 44-120, Attachment 1.)

Schedule I Controlled Substances have a high potential for abuse, have no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and there is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

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