Urinalysis Progran

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Key Personnel Responsibilities

 Wing Commander
·    Appoints in writing the installation-level Cross-Functional Oversight Committee.
·    Appoints in writing the Drug Demand Program Manager (DRPM) and the Drug Test
      Program Administrative Manager (DTPAM).
·    Sends copy of appointment letter to the DRPM.

Reserve Medical Unit Commander
·    Medical Review Officer (MRO)—appoint in writing
·    Drug Testing Program Administrative Manager (DTPAM)—recommends a candidate
      to the Wing Commander

Unit or Group Commanders
·    Trusted Agents—appoint in writing. 
·    Each Trusted Agent completes a Certification Form
·    Provide Credible Observers at testing locations.
·    Process no shows or tested positive personnel with appropriate administrative or
      UCMJ action.
·    Ensure members selected for testing report to the collection site as directed.
·    Ensure members that were not available for testing during the current UTA will be
      available for testing during the next UTA.
·    Forward documentation to the DRPM.
      o  Trusted Agent Appointment Letter.
      o  Trusted Agent’s Certification Form.
      o  UCMJ Concurrence Form  for Senior Airmen Observers

Criteria for Selecting Observers and Trusted Agents
·    No history of conviction—military and civilian.
·    No negative administrative action—example: Letter of Reprimand
·    No pending action UCMJ or negative administrative actions.
·    Member is not within one year of either separation or transfer from an active
      participation status.
·    No medical profiles that prevent member from performing observer or trusted agent
·    Observers must be commission officers or staff sergeant and above.
·    Senior Airmen can be used as observers with the concurrence of the Staff Judge
·    Observers cannot perform observer duties if they are being tested in the same
      session that they would be observing.

Trusted Agent Role
·    Receive and maintain rosters of individuals selected for testing IAW AFRIMS Table
      and Rule T44-05.R 01.00.
·    Notify individuals two hours prior to their testing time.
·    Annotate and return the Commander’s Notification letter to the DRPM or DTPAM.
·    Ensure supervisors and all other employees receive an initial and annual drug
      prevention briefing by the DRPM.

Observer Role
·    Review and sign the Observer’s Briefing Form
·    Arrive to Test Site one hour prior to testing start time for the DTPAM’s verbal
      observer briefing.
·    Conduct observer duties as outlined in the Observer’s Briefing Form and as explained
      by the DTPAM.
·    Follow all directions given by the DTPAM or the DRPM.
·    Remain at test site until excused by the DTPAM or the DRPM.

Member Role
·    Read and Sign the Commander’s Notification letter.
·    Report to testing site within two hours of their testing time. (fails to report checklist)
·    Have military or a civilian ID present when checking-in for testing.
·    Follow all directions given by the DTPAM or the Observer.
      ·    Remain at test site until excused by the DTPAM or the DRPM